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european property watchdogThe objective of the EuroCity Home Search Watchdog is to add YOUR comments about European property and what is happening in the market relating to the selling and renting of accommodation, homes and housing. For a European property search, what would someone in your country expect and what should be avoided! Tell it to our Watchdog.

Furthermore, the ECHS administrator will consider the reporting of people and organisations that have acted and/or shown to be disreputable and/or dishonest in their conduct and practice in providing or occupying European property, accommodation or housing, if they have advertised with ECHS. The facts of a complaint will only be published by ECHS following a subsequent investigation. If an investigation proves inconclusive, a warning will be issued on the ECHS Watchdog, in respect of the people and organisations in violation.

If you are not logged in as an ECHS registered user when you post a comment, all posted Watchdog comments are reviewed (but usually not edited) before being published. However, refer to the terms of use before using the forum, especially section 5, public forums and user submissions.

A final point to add is the reporting of technical problems that you may experience using the ECHS website. We would appreciate that you contact us if this occurs. So, if you have any remarks, experiences, or you want to see what others are saying, click on the Add Comment link below. If necessary, see the Watchdog user guide that explains the features of commenting. Accepted comments made by unregistered users will usually appear within 36 hours.

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