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search for property and people in europeA European wide property finder gateway. Search advertisements for FREE, for a variety of residential accommodation, property and real estate in Europe. Also look for people who are seeking a home.

          What is Homesearch and what are the benefits?

With ECHS you can discover different types of homes, property and even people who are looking for a home. This makes ECHS a comprehensive home finder for Europe.

Is the country of your choice covered by ECHS? Check the list:

Free home search and people finder in Europe!

What do I get for my FREE account as a registered user of ECHS?

              free account for echs property website  Find a variety of European residential properties.

              free account for echs property website  Find property for sale, exchange and homes to rent.

              free account for echs property website  50 European countries and principalities to search in.

              free account for echs property website  You can look for people who are seeking a home.

              free account for echs property website  Searching and replying to advertisements is free.

              free account for echs property website  Free Private Instant Messaging between registered users.

              free account for echs property website  Free account creation.

Selecting one of the following search categories will display any existing advertisements posted on the ECHS website.


property swaps and house exchanges in europe

sitting or surfing

house sitting and couch surfing in europe


people sharing properties and able to house sit


rent various accommodation in europe


residential properties and land for sale in europe

To exchange a similar property, short or long
term as a non- commercial option, to reduce costs when staying in a different place

Properties listed here are for
people wanting to be a home sitter and help keep
a home secure.
Or find a host for short-term couch surfing. Both options are temporary and rewarding.

With a people search you can look for the ideal person to rent to, share with, as a home sitter or wanting a couch to surf, in your location, based
on their age, gender etc.

To rent one of many varieties of home types. Whether it is a room share, a penthouse or anything in between, you
can find it here.

Do you need a home that is permanent or
just for an investment?
Find a property or land for sale and realise its potential.

For more details on Searching have a look at the ECHS user guide for searching.

How can I register, search and reply to advertisements with ECHS?

The ECHS website is FREE to use! However, to view the contact details of an advertisement, you need to register with ECHS (using the "Register" link at the top of this page), which is free, quick and simple.

When you complete the registration form, an e-mail is then sent to you (which may take a few minutes to arrive) and you can then activate your account. When you have an ECHS account, you are able to look for a European property or home and view the contact details of the listed advertisements, which you can reply to. Please note: It is possible that the e-mail may arrive in your junk or spam mail, so check this area of your e-mail account with "ECHS" in the e-mail title. Save the e-mail address in your address book!

You can watch any short chapters of the ECHS Quick Video User Guide, which includes the basics on how to register, advertise and search adverts using the ECHS website.

If you are interested in other information for property or accommodation related advertising and search in Europe, with ECHS, click on one of the following links:

Property exchange – a non-commercial option to exchange your home short or long term.
Renting a home – a variety of residential property offered to rent for a daily, weekly or monthly fee.
Couch surfing – stay temporarily with a host offering a couch or similar occupancy for limited time period.
House share – is suited to people of a similar age group and interests, who are looking for or advertising a house/flat/apartment exclusively for sharing.
House sitting – for property that requires a temporary Guardian and people who want to home sit.
Property sale – various types of residential property for sale that you can buy to live or invest in.
Home sharing – is suited to people who need and can offer assisted living for the elderly or disabled.
Room mates – people looking for a home or short term accommodation to share (e.g. holiday home) can advertise themselves and you can also look for people.
Property Advertising – advertise any type of residential property.

ECHS hopes that this website helps you with your needs for finding European property and people. ECHS encourages you to advertise in your own language, if you prefer to. If you have any suggestions to improve the service of ECHS that allows you to find property, real estate, accommodation and homes for free in Europe, please contact us.

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