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In this section, ECHS deals with people who do not have the asset of a home. Therefore, you will have to advertise yourself, as desirable, to someone who wants to rent a European home or who needs a house sitter. House / flat share, room mates and home sitting are categories on the ECHS website where advertisers who are looking for people for medium to long term occupancy. The advisory on this page covers the issues to take into account as a person without property. Click on a following link category that is of interest to you:

Renting a homeBeing a home sitterPeople with property searching for people

Renting a place to live.
Renters of various homes have become more selective about who they want as a tenant and when you advertise yourself, gender, age, occupation, etc. is taken into account. These factors enable you to be selected by someone who desires your profile. However, what you write in the Advert description will probably define the choice a person makes who wants to rent out a home. ECHS recommends that you look at the tips page for Renting a home to establish your position when you get an offer to rent a home. Be positive about yourself!

Are you an occupational or seasonal home sitter?
A change of your surroundings in your country or another European country, with no rent to pay, the possibility to save some money and the option to care for a garden, indoor plant life and even looking after pets is what you can consider when you choose to be a home sitter.

   With ECHS European home sitting you can:

  • Advertise your preferences and services as a home sitter.
  • Contact home owners/providers who advertise for a home sitter.

When you find a suitable match you will be in a position to travel, spend more time doing leisure activities, gain the trust and reduce the concerns of the home owner/provider. ECHS recommends that you look at the tips page for home sitters  to establish your position when you get an opportunity to be a home sitter. Some home owners may not choose to advertise a home sitting assignment. Therefore, potential home sitters should advertise themselves as to why they are "The right candidate for the job." Be positive about yourself!

Searching advertisements.
As a renter of any desirable property, you will want to find a suitable tenant. Perhaps you do not want someone who smokes and a person in a particular age group. ECHS allows you to filter people by using an Advanced Search profile under the - people -  category on the search page. You can then decide whether the person is preferable, based on what they write about themselves along with a photo they may include. As a result, you will have confirmed details about someone suited to your requirements.

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