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What is Homeshare?
assisted living and home help in europeHomeshare is an agreement to support elderly people or people that suffer from physical and/or mental disabilities, who want to remain independent in their own homes. The elderly are usually in the retirement age, over 60 years of age. People who require help in their home generally have some care assistance provided by the local authorities, family members or non-governmental organisations. Homeshare candidates are normally of an age of 25 years and upwards, who are considerate and devote a certain amount time in satisfying a home provider's needs for companionship and assistance in return for accommodation. Homeshare is considerably different than house or flat sharing where you live, usually with your peers, in an active and less composed environment.

To the home provider an agreement with a candidate is not to secure a source of extra income, but the arrangement is for mutual help. However, if the home provider has an insufficient income, financial assistance can be offered by the homeshare candidate to pay for utilities such as electricity, water and gas supply. This payment can be seen as a supplemental cost instead of paying rent.

What does a Homeshare involve.
Along with free accommodation provided by the home provider the homeshare candidate, in exchange, gives an agreed amount of hours of help each week, though both parties pay towards utility costs of the household.

The help offered to the home provider is varied and is likely to include some of the following:

  • Domestic help with tasks like, cooking, cleaning and shopping.
  • Social interaction and companionship.
  • Many home providers welcome the security of having someone in the home during the night as a great benefit.
  • Some home providers require personal assistance early and late in the day for washing and dressing themselves.

The homeshare candidate should maintain their occupation or job during the day, but remain in the property at least six nights in one week or a mutually agreed upon schedule. Home providers may expect a minimum of six months commitment from a candidate. Advertisements for homes that require a homeshare agreement require additional considerations than standard situations where people share a home. This may include, from the position of home provider, supported by a care monitoring services to allow:

  • Screening potential homeshare candidates.
  • Ensuring home providing requirements are met.
  • Third party assistance and preparation of homeshare candidates.
  • Social service assistance and intervention.

Benefits of Homesharing.
Homesharing contributes significantly to needs of elderly and the support of people with notable disadvantages. To decide on being a valued homeshare candidate means participating in a community that value caring and enriching lives.
For an additional advisory on matters relating to renting homes, such as contracts, disputes, insurance etc. visit the ECHS  home rental in Europe tips page. Please note that homesharing does not usually involve the payment rent.

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