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Room Mates

What is a room mate?
room share in europeThe status of a room mate has its similarities to house and flat / apartment share, so refer to the tips on House sharing in the first section of this article. However, room mates have a greater stress on the accommodation being short term and not always in a non-commercial residence. This means if you are travelling to or around Europe you could establish contacts beforehand, of your preference, to help reduce your living costs when you stay in a guest house, holiday home or private residence etc. The term "room mates" has a different meaning with ECHS and in Europe compared to North America. The agreement between room mates in Europe is less formal and the mutual parties may spend anything from a few days up to a couple weeks together. For a long term agreement in a private residence, see the European house / flat share home page.

Benefits of having a room mate.
If you were planning to take a holiday (vacation) or attend an event somewhere in Europe, you could reduce the expense of staying in private home, pension or a hotel for a few days or more than a week. ECHS allows you to advertise under the - people - category and select your Status as - I want a room mate - and the Home type as - Room share / mate - .

Advertising and searching.
Your Advertisement title should be to the point e.g. - Share Holiday Apartment in Greece – and then make it clear in your Advert details about what type of person you prefer, gender, interests, age etc. The term - Room share / mates - can be filtered with an advanced search on the ECHS search page, under the - people - category, as can the Rent / rate price range in € you want pay for the accommodation during the time you want to share. Gender, age etc. can also be filtered with an advanced search. For more about searching people, see the user guide - searching.

Communicating through the ECHS website.
When you post an advertisement, as with all ECHS adverts, your e-mail address is not displayed until you decide to reply to a person who has replied to your advert using the ECHS e-mail system, which displays the sender's e-mail address. The Instant Private Messaging system only displays the user names of the communicating parties.

If the European room mates concept interests you, ECHS has a free Room Mates Agreement form you can download here.

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