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There is much to know before putting your European property up for sale or starting your search for a new home to buy. Consider on this advisory page the following brief, but useful, measures when home selling and buying. Click on the categories and/or their links, which are of interest to you.

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Selling property Renovation and home staging • PrudencySetting a priceFinding a lawyer

Consider the following if you are a buyer:

Work with qualified lenders.
Before you start working with a bank, mortgage banker, mortgage broker or credit union; get as much information as you can. Check their backgrounds carefully. Also, get an estimate of all possible fees.

Get pre-approved.
If there is a problem getting pre-approval because of your credit rating, get copies of your credit reports and determine if anything on the report is inaccurate or over certain period of time, which means it can be removed.

Look at the neighbourhood and district first.
A great home in an undesirable neighbourhood (that may not include, good shopping outlets, schools, public transportation and social facilities, for example) is not very worthwhile from a quality of life or from a home value perspective. Learn as much as you can about the local surroundings of the home (whether it is from an online forum, personal visits, or people who live or have lived in the area) and make sure your requirements are met.

Make priorities.
Whether you are going to open houses on your own or using a real estate agent, make up a list of what you would most like in a new home and prioritize it, so you can determine what is most important and which items you are comfortable sacrificing.

Have an inspection done.
Have an engineer or independent home inspector survey the home, including the roof, basement, grounds, heating, pipes, and so on. Make your offer contingent on an inspection.


If you are selling your home, consider the following:

Sell it yourself.
If you insist on your selling price, using ECHS means you could do better than you might do with a real estate agent and may prove more desirable for you and the buyer financially. However, for the paperwork that is necessary for legitimate transactions, make sure you have a suitable lawyer.

Make Improvements.
You do not necessarily have to add desirable additions, such as new room or two, but make some basic improvements. Making the inside of a home look attractive usually creates a significant difference in the eyes of buyers. A well-maintained and immediate external surroundings such as a garden or balcony will add to the appeal. Home Staging methods - preparing a private residence's exterior and interior prior to going up for sale - should not be excluded.

Be prudent.
Do not commit yourself beyond what you can manage. You can resolve some issues for the buyer and others that you cannot. Be able to negotiate effectively.

Set a fair price.
Be realistic about your asking price! Learn what other comparable homes have sold for in your area. Take into account the location, age of the property, improvements you have made and the economic conditions of the housing market. Consider when you advertise on ECHS, to state your selling price below the closest round number. For example, if your selling price is € 200 000, select up to € 199 999 for the price range, so that when buyers search for homes in their price range of up to € 200 000, your advertisement will appear.

Get a capable lawyer.
If you choose a lawyer to partially or fully represent you, first ensure you are working with a person or company specializing in the documentation of selling of homes. Check the person or company's background and determine that they are familiar with your neighbourhood. Find out how many homes they have been involved with, successfully, in your area. When you feel comfortable that your lawyer is competent, determine the fees, you will incur for their services.

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