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When you use the ECHS website for your European property needs there are six possible areas on this website to submit information and anything that involves advertising or contacting advertisers, you will need to be a registered user. The areas for user submission or input are as follows:

  • Advertising.
  • Replying to and commenting on advertisements.
  • Private Messaging.
  • Commenting through the Watchdog.
  • Editing your account as a registered user.
  • The contact form.

To reply to advertisements a user has to be a registered user to view the contact details of an advertiser. The registered user can then contact an advertiser by sending an e-mail or using the private instant messaging system and, optionally, by Skype, telephone and a website page, if the advertiser has provided this information. For more information on the features of being a registered user, click on the "Registered Users" link in the sub-menu to the right above this text. A user does not have to be registered to leave a comment about an advertisement or on the Watchdog forum, but comments posted by unregistered users are reviewed before being published. Posted comments of registered users are not reviewed before being published.

You can watch any short chapters of the ECHS Quick Video User Guide, which includes the basics on how to register, advertise and search adverts using the ECHS website.

Before you choose to advertise with ECHS there are some rules - please read these Rules..!

If you need to convert the Euro or another currency, try the Personal Currency Assistant in the right column of this page.

Five categories exist for free property advertising and for European property search in: couch surfing, exchange, home sitting, rent and sale, on the ECHS website. A sixth category, people, is for advertisers without any property who are seeking a home, for the short or long term, and they can advertise themselves. Each category can be divided into key areas on the form you will complete: Status, Location, Home Type, Costs (if applicable), Availability and Contact Details. For additional information about an advertising field, e.g. “City / Town”, place your cursor on the field’s name. Only some fields display additional information.

Click on a sub-menu link above, on the top right side of the beginning of the page, to view one of the various user guide subjects. When you have read the guide of your choice, consider going to the ECHS European property tips page for key issues when you want advertise and search European property.

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