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Comments on Adverts

Users who add comments to an advertisement provide a useful way for an advertiser to respond and interact with interested parties. Advertisers who have had comments posted about their advert by other users are not able to edit or delete these comments, but the advertiser can edit and delete their own comments relating to their advert. However, commenting is subject to ECHS terms of use, especially section 5, public forums and user submissions. Comments posted by logged in registered users are not reviewed or edited before being published and have fewer input restrictions, as explained below. Comments posted by unregistered users are reviewed before being published.

  • Add comment - click on this link to add a comment. After doing this the comment form is displayed..
  • Name (required) - the commenter inputs their name. This field is not displayed if you are a logged in registered user.
  • E-mail (required, but will not display) - input an e-mail address, which will NOT be displayed when your comment is published. This field is not displayed if you are a logged in registered user.
  • Notify me of follow-up comments - check this box if you are not an ECHS registered user and want to be notified, by e-mail, of any comments that are made after your comments. Notifications are sent to the e-mail address you input in the e-mail field of the comment form. The notification e-mail includes a link that allows you to unsubscribe from any further notifications.
    If you are a logged in ECHS registered user, a Subscribe or Unsubscribe link is displayed on the comment form and if you want to be informed, or not, of future comments, after your posted comment(s), there is no need to select the check box for this field, just click on the link to subscribe. Subscription may be of more interest to registered users who would like to subscribe to comments made about their advertisement(s). Subscriptions are free.
  • Refresh - click this link, if necessary, to produce another CAPTCHA (security image) to input before sending your comment. This facility is not displayed if you are a logged in registered user.
  • Quote - clicking on this link that appears with an existing comment, allows you to make a new comment and include the existing comment as a comment you are quoting on.
  • Report Abuse - after clicking on this link, of an existing comment, the input field "Reason" appears and a user can input their reason for reporting the comment as abuse.

Logged in registered users are able to edit and delete comments that were posted using their usernameAny existing comment(s) posted by a registered user, who is logged in, will display an edit editing watchdog commentsicon and a delete delete watchdog comments icon. The registered user can then edit or delete their comment.

Additionally, users can vote for or against comments that have been posted on the ECHS website by clicking on the up or down comments on echs icons that appears with a comment.

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