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Registered Users

As a registered user, you can edit, update, delete and renew your advertisement(s). You can also edit your account details and send private messages to registered users of the ECHS website. After you log in with your username and password, a "Registered User Menu" is displayed in left column of the ECHS website containing four links: Advertise, My Advertisements, My Account and Private Messaging. The function of these links are described below.

When you click on the My Advertisements link, if you have any advertisements under your registered username with ECHS, a table with three columns showing the advertisement will appear along with the text links Update and Delete, in the right side column of the table. Clicking on the link or image in the Advert title & description column will display your advertisement as it appears on the ECHS website with the inclusion of two links, above the Advertisement Profile, to Update or Delete the advertisement.

  • ADVERTISE - click on this link to make a selection for an advertising form to create an advertisement in one of six categories: Couch surf host, Exchange, Home sit, People, Rent and Sale. The - people - category is for advertisers who do not want to advertise property, but only themselves as people.
  • My Advertisements - select this option to display any existing advertisements under your registered username with the option to update, delete or renew your advertisement. In the display summary for your advertisement, selecting the Update link in the "Actions" column will display the advertisement form with the contents of your advertisement so that it can be edited. To delete your advertisement, after clicking on the Delete link, you are prompted if you want to delete the advertisement and you can click on the "OK" button to delete your advert. An additional link Renew Advert appears in the Actions column, as a result of an e-mail notification sent to you as a reminder that your advert is due to expire in five (5) days. Clicking on this link allows you to extend your advert's validity for another 45 days. Please note, that clicking on the Update link to edit your advert does not extend your advert's validity, it only allows you to edit your advert until it expires.
  • My Account - this link allows you to view and edit (after clicking on the Edit Profile link at the base of the Profile form) your current registered user details, being your account name, password and e-mail address.
  • Private Messaging - the ECHS Private Instant Messaging workspace appears when you click on this link to allow instant and exclusive private communication with other ECHS registered users. The user guide is integrated into messaging system and you can view the guide by clicking on the Help link at the base of the workspace. Next to the Help link is the Settings link that allows you to decide how you want to receive messages. By default, a pop up message notification is displayed, with a sound alert when, you log in to your ECHS account ONLY if a user has sent you a private message. The pop-up notification enters and exits from the left side of the screen with a link you can click on, in the pop-up, to take you to the messaging inbox.

Here are some facts to note when you are logged in to ECHS and a there is private message for you:

i.The pop-up message notification sound alert may not be heard (but you will still see the pop-up) if your browser is not configured to play certain sounds or if your browser does not support HTML 5. HTML 5 browsers have built in audio and video support.
ii.The pop-up message notification will continue to appear every time you browse to other pages on the ECHS website or when you refresh your browser, until the message has been read in your inbox.
iii.When you see a new pop-up message notification you will need to refresh your browser to see and read the message in your inbox.

If you want to completely remove your ALL registration details from the ECHS website, please contact us.

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