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european property advertising To allow your advertisement to be published, without any problems, please read the rules below before you decide to advertise with ECHS.


  1. To prevent spam e-mail and unsolicited contact, when you register with ECHS and advertise do not use e-mail addresses, website addresses or telephone numbers as your name, user name or contact name.
  2. When you advertise, you must include at least one (1) genuine and visible image or photograph of the property or accommodation you are advertising. This 1 image or photograph excludes a map showing the location of the property or accommodation or a scenic view from the property or accommodation without showing the advertised property or accommodation. You may choose not to include an image or photograph if you are a person advertising yourself under the - people - advertising category. To prevent spam and unwanted contact from non-registered ECHS users, do not put e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, website addresses or social media links on your image or photograph.
  3. Please do not advertise Commercial or Industrial properties! Therefore, do not post adverts containing, for example, but not limited to: bars, hotels, restaurants, factories, garages, car showrooms, office space etc. The ECHS website is only for residential properties, i.e. properties exclusively for living in. Non-residential property advertisements will be deleted.
  4. Any land plot that is advertised must be allowed for residential home development and not limited to just Commercial and Industrial property.
  5. Do not advertise the same property more than once (duplicate advertisements.) You can delete or update your advertisement and post it again. Any duplicates will be deleted.
  6. The maximum amount of adverts that can be posted by a user is three (3).
  7. Do not advertise property in countries that are not covered by ECHS.
  8. Properties advertised for sale or to rent must have a selling or rental price included with the advertisement.

When you see this image advertising-information on the advertising form, place the cursor on it to help you complete the input field.

It is important that you follow ALL of the above rules! If you do not follow the rules, your advertisement cannot be published and it is possible that you will not be informed that your advertisement has not been published.

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